June Newsletter

June Already!

We have had a busy start to the year and can’t believe it is already June. Here is an update on what we have been up to.

Billboard withstands Cyclone!

A billboard we manufactured last year stood up to the force of Cyclone Evan, the largest cyclone Samoa has seen in 21 years.  Our customer, Adz Up, sent us this photo and was impressed that the billboard was the only thing left standing.  The bus shelter it stood next to was flattened.


Large Ducting

We recently completed one of our largest duct jobs.  The size of the ducts meant that our workshop was at full capacity.  We had to come up with some innovative ways to weld them up as they were so tall.  The job just fit out the door of our workshop!       




Last year we purchased the 3D design programme Solidworks.  Both Stewart and Curt attended training and are about to train in the next coarse – Sheetmetal.  Solidworks converts plans easily to our CNC punch programme, improving efficency.  A big advantage is we can now show the customer a finished 3D picture of the product we will manufacture.  

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