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Pidcorp was formed in 2004 when Stewart Cunningham wanted to build an engineering workshop based around a few loyal customers and their requirements.

In March 2020 Stewart sold his business to Eaglewire Products (2013) Limited and he became an employee – continuing to manage the Pidcorp work.

We utilise as much of our own machinery based onsite to produce our products including our CNC punch. Alongside this we take pride in sourcing quality suppliers and companies we work well with in order to create our finished products. This includes laser cutting, water cutting, steel supply and protective coatings. 

We work in mild steel, stainless and aluminium. 

Some of our past projects include ducting, hoppers, scrubbers, filter frames. Billboards for Fiji, and work for the Westpac Helicopter Trust. Structural house beams for builders doing renovations.

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